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Everything You Need to Know About the New 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQB 250

September 9th, 2023 by

Earlier this month, Mercedes-Benz announced the brand-new 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQB 250 which set to hit the market this fall. Joining its sibling, the EQB 350, the EQB 250 aims to be the most accessible electric vehicle in the Mercedes-Benz lineup. Furthermore, it promises a greater range than the EQB 350, while delivering equal levels of…

The New 2024 Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe Introduced

August 31st, 2023 by

Mercedes-AMG has unveiled its most recent flagship performance model, the 2024 Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe. Entirely redesigned with a fresh exterior, enhanced technology, increased interior space, advanced suspension and handling features, and more powerful engines, this GT Coupe surpasses not only the previous model’s performance but also its everyday utility and overall refinement. Let’s delve into…

Discover the All-New 2024 Mercedes-Benz CLE Coupe

August 14th, 2023 by

Recently unveiled, the 2024 Mercedes-Benz CLE Coupé is the newest addition to the luxurious Mercedes-Benz family. A brand-new series in itself, the CLE Coupe sits comfortably between the C-Class and E-Class models, borrowing the best features from each. It encapsulates a perfect blend of dynamic design and high-end amenities, promising a driving experience unlike any…

The New 2024 Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe

August 14th, 2023 by

The recently unveiled 2024 Mercedes-AMG GLC positions itself as a compact luxury SUV that pushes the envelope in terms of performance and sophistication. The new range, comprising the AMG GLC 43 and the trailblazing AMG GLC 63 S E PERFORMANCE, is the embodiment of refined power, enhanced roominess, and cutting-edge technology. Offering a balanced combination…

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Mercedes-Benz Tire Guide: Everything You Need to Know

July 4th, 2023 by

When it comes to enjoying a smooth, safe, and efficient ride in your Mercedes-Benz, nothing is more crucial than the condition of your tires. They are the sole point of contact between your luxurious vehicle and the road, and hence, they require regular care and attention. This guide aims to help Mercedes-Benz owners, like those…

Does Your Mercedes-Benz Have a Break-in Period?

July 4th, 2023 by

When you drive a Mercedes-Benz off the dealership lot, you are not just driving a luxury vehicle; you are driving a masterpiece of engineering. Each component has been meticulously crafted to deliver outstanding performance and a luxurious driving experience. To ensure that your Mercedes-Benz remains at its best, it’s crucial to pay attention to the…

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Everything You Need to Know About Owning an Electric Vehicle in Alberta

June 1st, 2023 by

The popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) in Canada has been growing in recent years, and Alberta is no exception. The province, known for its wide-open spaces, cold winters, and comparatively smaller charging infrastructure, still presents an excellent environment for EV ownership. In this article, we explore life with an EV, focusing particularly on the experience…

The New Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV Redefines Luxury Expectations for Electric Vehicles

April 28th, 2023 by

The 2024 Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV, unveiled earlier in April, is the groundbreaking all-electric vehicle from the iconic Maybach marque that brings a new level of sophistication to electric mobility. This luxurious SUV delivers unrivaled opulence, cocooning passengers in the back for ultimate comfort. As a pioneer in the Mercedes-Benz lineup, the Maybach EQS SUV features…

2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE Lineup Overview

April 28th, 2023 by

With a wide range of performance capabilities, cutting-edge technology, and unmatched luxury, the 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE series reimagines the electric sedan experience. The EQE delivers the refinement and luxury expected of a Mercedes-Benz product while also delivering the advanced range and charging capability buyers want from a premium EV. In this article, we will take…

In-Depth Look at the New 2024 Mercedes-Benz GLE

March 8th, 2023 by

    Earlier in February Mercedes-Benz introduced the brand-new 2024 Mercedes-Benz GLE, a significantly improved midsize luxury SUV from Mercedes-Benz that promises to further enhance the already impressive popular GLE. The new 2024 model boasts a host of new features, improved interior trims, a sophisticated and attractive exterior design with an upgraded powertrain lineup and…

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