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Open Today! Sales: 9am-7pm
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Financing Options



Discover the advantages of owning a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Our experts will help create a financing plan adapted to your lifestyle so you can drive home in the Mercedes-Benz vehicle of your dreams.

There’s nothing quite like owning. Once you’ve decided that owning your vehicle is the right financial decision for you, familiarize yourself with all financial services has to offer and let us customize a financing plan that works for you. Because we understand how much you appreciate the quality and value found in Mercedes-Benz vehicles, we realize that we should deliver nothing less.


Contract Options

Mercedes-Benz financial services offers a number of contract options when purchasing your vehicle. Ranging in possible length from 0 to 60 months, your dealer will help you design a contract that works for you.


Financing Advantages

  • Pride of ownership.
  • Unlimited kilometres.
  • Registration in your name.
  • Flexible terms, and the possibility of extended terms.
  • Pre-owned vehicle financing.
  • Freedom to customize your vehicle.
  • The convenience of pre-authorized payment.

Leasing Options

Drive a refined vehicle at the cutting edge of technology with advantageous leasing options from Mercedes-Benz. When you drive the latest and greatest models available on the market, you’ll exude confidence on the road.


Walk Away Lease

The “walk away” (or closed-end) lease allows you to make a set number of monthly payments for any term ranging from 24 to 60 months, with a limit to the number of kilometres that can be driven during the lease term. You also remain responsible for excess wear and tear to the vehicle.


Unlimited Kilometre Lease (Commercial Customers Only)

In the “unlimited kilometre” (or open-end) lease, commercial customers can also make a set number of monthly payments for any term ranging from 24 to 60 months, but without kilometre restrictions. However, at the end of an open-end lease, you become responsible for the value of the vehicle. This option is not available in all provinces.


Leasing Advantages

Mercedes-Benz financial services designed the first class lease to complement the finest family of vehicles in the world. We have committed our considerable expertise and experience to create a straightforward and easy-to-understand lease that offers the most flexible terms for your personal financial needs. The first class lease adds an entirely new dimension to leasing, so you can drive and arrive in the style you prefer – first class.

  • Lower monthly payments.
  • Term options and variable kilometrage.
  • Standard gap protection.
  • Single pay option.
  • Flexible lease-end options.
  • More disposable income.
  • A new vehicle more often.
  • The convenience of pre-authorized payment.

Single Pay Option

The single pay option lets you make all of your monthly lease payments up front, offering a discounted payment over a traditional monthly lease payment.


Lease End Options

You can choose from a number of options at the end of your lease term:

  • Return your vehicle to your dealer, pay any fees and charges, and lease or buy a new vehicle.
  • Extend your current lease.
  • Buy your vehicle at the predetermined purchase option price as stated in your lease agreement (we can finance this purchase for you).

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