Mercedes-Benz has a car that cannot crash

January 31st, 2019 by

Mercedes-Benz has always been a pioneer when it comes to safety with its PRE-SAFE technologies and advanced driver assistance and active safety systems. Now, Mercedes-Benz is pushing the bar even further with the latest iteration of its safety-focused ESF concept.

The prototype which is set to debut sometime this year will feature technology so advanced, it may actually be uncrashable.

According to Mercedes-Benz’ R&D boss Ola Kalennius, almost all traffic accidents are caused by human error. The next ESF concept would take that element out of the equation with its advanced autonomous driving technologies, thus making it basically accident-free.

Mercedes-Benz is calling its upcoming ESF concept the future of automotive safety and plans to bring the vehicle sometime during the summer. Along with its autonomous driving tech, the ESF will also feature advanced AI components that adjust the cars behavior as well as the safety systems found within it.

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