The Mercedes-Benz User Experience system explained

October 31st, 2018 by

Mercedes-Benz is continually looking for new ways to meet the needs of its customers.

Whether innovating new engines, new security technologies or new connectivity technologies, the German manufacturer is always at the forefront of the latest developments in the automotive industry.

The perfect example is the new Mercedes-Benz User Experience system. Introduced in the new generation A-Class, MBUX will be integrated into all new Mercedes-Benz models to come including the GLE 2020.

Hey, Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz User Experience is much more than an infotainment system. Yes it gives access to all the functions of the car through touch controls or a rotary wheel, but all multimedia systems like this can do that.

Where MBUX stands out is the degree of personalization and integration with the driver and his preferences. MBUX adapts to the person driving the Mercedes-Benz thanks to a highly developed artificial intelligence system.

For example, if MBUX detects that you often call a particular contact in the morning, or that you like a specific channel at certain times, these elements will be more easily accessible with MBUX.

In addition, it is possible to interact by voice commands with the system, but again Mercedes-Benz pushes even further this functionality already available in other luxury vehicles. Indeed, just about every modern multimedia system can interact with voice commands.

The difference with MBUX is that the device is able to understand commands spoken naturally and without having to repeat continuously.

The first step is to use the “Hey, Mercedes” command, as you would with SIRI or Google Assistant. Once connected, we can tell the system to adjust the climate controls by for example, saying “Hey, Mercedes, it’s hot in the car”.

The device will then be able to activate the air conditioning or at least adjust the climate controls to cool the cabin. This is just one example of all we can do with MBUX. Users will notice the simplicity of the system and the ease of communication from the first use.

To learn more about MBUX, contact us today at Heritage Valley Mercedes-Benz.

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