Three safety features on the new 2018 smart fortwo.

June 19th, 2018 by

When you see the 2018 smart fortwo for the first time, it’s normal to think that the small urban car is perhaps less safe than larger cars on the road. The 2018 smart fortwo, however, is just as safe as other cars you come across despite its small size. With the 2018 smart fortwo, everything has been made to ensure your safety.

For starters, the smart fortwo is built on a single platform. The battery that powers the electric motor of the 2018 smart fortwo is also strategically positioned so that it doesn’t endanger you in the event of an accident. Finally, the 2018 smart fortwo contains airbags in unexpected places. Let’s take a closer look.

A unique structure.

At the core of the new 2018 smart fortwo’s safety is its tridion structure. This structure is made of high-strength steel, which ensures exceptional stiffness. The new fortwo is therefore able to absorb the forces generated by an impact in order to protect its occupants. This structure works in combination with other elements, such as deformation boxes and strategic crumple zones, in order to preserve the integrity of the passenger space.

In addition, the 2018 smart fortwo is equipped with two traditional airbags, but also an airbag for the driver and passenger’s knees. There are also two additional airbags to protect the occupants’ pelvis and two others to protect the head. Finally, the 2018 smart fortwo is equipped with a collision avoidance system. This system monitors the road ahead to warn you if there’s a risk of an accident.

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